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The Artful Soul boasts one of the best selections of the most unique jewelry, accessories and home decor/gifts online. The professional designer products we feature truly show how the artists and have spent their entire lives honing their craft. Becoming a well-respected and reputable designer is not an easy feat to accomplish, which is why we love to hear the perspective of the artists and designers on how they were inspired to create such unique products.

We guarantee you will find a product perfect for your style that only you will have. Please look through our gallery where you’ll see our full list of our jewelry, handbags, and accessories. Search through our products and designers by such criteria as color, gemstones and styles.

If you have any questions on anything specific or just general inquires on artists and new products please contact us. We look forward to providing you with a unique item of which you will be ecstatic to show off!
On this page you begin to see our wide selection of designers, listed alphabetically!
You can see the FULL LIST in all categories here, or sorted by Jewelry, Handbags, Accessories, and HomeDecor. You will also notice the Made in America flag.
To search by other criteria, please use links to left for Color, Gemstones, Styles, and Themes.
Also use SEARCH feature, as designers for whom we have a small number of items will not be listed.
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Reviews for Gerhard Herbst GERHARD HERBST

Jewelry gold vermeil anticlastic hammered earrings

Reviews for Laura Gibson LAURA GIBSON

Jewelry fine 22kt gold shows off precious and semi-precious briolette gemstones

Reviews for Glenda Gies GLENDA GIES

Handbags classic and elegant framed handbags in fabric

Reviews for Gina Rosencrantz GINA ROSENCRANTZ

Jewelry HomeDecor painted and decoupaged turned wood tabletop items, paper pattern pins

HomeDecor handpainted stemware

Reviews for Ukraine Glass Apples GLASS APPLES
HomeDecor glass apples for table or desktop, featuring clear crystal and brown color of Ukraine minerals


Jewelry bimetal silver/gold earrings

Reviews for Michal Golan MICHAL GOLAN

Jewelry stones and crystals set in proprietary color on metal shapes


Jewelry geodes captured b peyote stitch for pendants on beaded necklaces, matching earrings

Reviews for Great Falls Metal Works GREAT FALLS METALWORKS

Jewelry gemstones set in sterling silver

Reviews for Green Tree GREEN TREE

Jewelry wood compressed, lasercut and colored, including kinetic gear styles for pendants and earrings

Reviews for Sandy Forrest-Hartman SANDY FORREST-HARTMAN

Jewelry pendants made with gaming pieces like dominos, stamped and embellished

Reviews for Holly Yashi HOLLY YASHI

Jewelry niobium, silver and goldfill, color treated and lightweight, plus delicate beaded necklaces and bracelets

Reviews for Honey Have You Seen My Tie? HONEY HAVE YOU SEEN MY TIE?

Jewelry men's tie fabric joined to shell, stones or metal and dangled for distinctive earrings

Reviews for Hoop Earring Charms HOOP EARRING CHARMS
Jewelry interchangeable dangles for hoop earrings

Hot Hang Ups HOT HANG UPS!
Accessories original and strongest style of hanger to drop handbag from tabletop, decorated top elements

Reviews for ILI Leather ILI Leather
Handbags soft richly dyed leather bags


Jewelry glass and handpainted enamel fused into pendants

Rings text, Ithil ITHIL METALWORKS
Jewelry sterling and 14kt gold rings and jewelry with gemstones

Reviews for Jewelry 10 JEWELRY 10 by CYNTHIA CHUANG

Jewelry colored porcelain molded into distinctive shapes for pins that create conversation, earrings too

Reviews for Jazzd JAZZD
Handbags Accessories colorful and whimsical handbags, useful accessory items

Reviews for Jenny & Jimbob JENNY & JIMBOB

Jewelry cast pewter charms on silver chains, presented in match boxes with humorous sayings

Reviews for Jessica Lee JESSICA LEE
Jewelry glass and stones in sterling silver

Reviews for Joan Edelstein JOAN EDELSTEIN SCARVES

Accessories silk and bits of fabric and fibers in airy scarves

Reviews for Jo La Collage JO · LA COLLAGE

Jewelry custom cast embellished metal in vintage romantic style

Reviews for J P Garner J P GARNER

HomeDecor metal richly painted, shaped for striking use on the wall or tabletop

Reviews for JP Ourse/John Cole JP OURSE and JOHN COLE
Handbags South American leather in richly saturated solid colors for soft and distinctive bag shapes

Reviews for Amy Kahn Russell AMY KAHN RUSSELL

Jewelry big bold stones set in silver cluster settings

Reviews for Beth Kaminski BETH KAMINSKI'S SIENNABLUE

HomeDecor photo frames with fused glass and clay embellishments, some with words

Reviews for Kapfer Glass Studio KAPFER GLASS STUDIO

Jewelry fused glass sea life themes

Reviews for Kashmir Bracelets KASHMIR BANGLES
Jewelry papier mache, decorated by hand and formed into bangle bracelets

Reviews for Kashmir Ornaments KASHMIR ORNAMENTS
HomeDecor papier mache, decorated by hand into striking star ornaments for wall or tree

Reviews for Arlee Kasselman ARLEE KASSELMAN

Jewelry sterling and gold in contemporary shapes, with faceted gemstones

Reviews for Kathy Lo Rocks KATHY LO ROCKS

Jewelry chiyogami paper patterns under acrylic and set in silver for pendants, earrings, some reversible


HomeDecor ceramics with bright handpainted color, serving bowls and vases

Reviews for Kim Kole KIM KOLE

Jewelry colorful fused glass elements joined into geometric earrings, bracelets and pendants

Reviews for Laga LAGA BAGS
Handbags traditional Indonesian embroidered motifs on functional handbags

Reviews for Lalo ORNA LALO
Jewelry Accessories HomeDecor synthetic resin formed into her custom shapes with color, a full line of whimsical keychains, amazing candlestick and napkin rings, jewelry

Reviews for Laly LALY
Jewelry copper and soldered stained glass settings, with gemstone chips


HomeDecor ceramics with striking organic patterns in vases and serving bowls

Reviews for La Vie Parisienne LA VIE PARISIENNE
Jewelry Swarovski crystals in old silver or antiqued goldplated settings for vintage style (but contemporar color)

Reviews for Lavish Jewelry LAVISH by TRICIA MILANEZE
Jewelry gold metal threads crocheted with crystals and beads into sculptural earrings, bracelets and necklaces

Reviews for Leaders in Leather LEADERS IN LEATHER
Handbags Accessories South American leather with tooled designs, cutout overlay, striking bags and wallets

Reviews for Leatherock LEATHEROCK

Handbags Accessories leather and suede in bags and belts, with gemstone and crystal medallion decorations

Reviews for Keith Lewis KEITH LEWIS

Jewelry kinetic jewelry that moves, sterling, vermeil and oxidized earrings


Jewelry stones and crystals wire-wrapped into organic styles

Reviews for Lisa August LISA AUGUST

Jewelry made with lightweight and flexible Italian acetate

Reviews for Loredana LOREDANA

Handbags clutch style bags made with vintage kimono fabric, very elegant

Reviews for Lost River Scarves LOST RIVER SCARVES
Accessories affordable scarves in colored rayon weave or batik prints

Reviews for Nancy Lucia NANCY LUCIA

Handbags fine leather bags imprinted on both sides with permanent photos, travel scenes and nature

Handbags Accessories reversible iPad/eReader carriers with straps, convertible wristlet/cross-body bags

Reviews for Leslie Mackenzie LESLIE MACKENZIE
HomeDecor raku fired clay for wall hangings, fish and nature themes

Reviews for Maggie Bags MAGGIE BAGS
Handbags Accessories seatbelts woven into stylish bags, totes and wallets


Jewelry lightweight handmade paper elements, painted and embellished for earrings and pendants

Reviews for Marcea Ceramics MARCEA Ceramics

HomeDecor decorative vases, trays, dishes, more.

Reviews for Margo Rotem MARGO ROTEM
Jewelry Swarovski crystals woven into sculpted shapes for earrings and necklaces

Reviews for Mariana Jewelry MARIANA Spirit of Design
Jewelry stones, crystals, handmade elements in plated metals

Reviews for Mar of Santa Barbara MAR of SANTA BARBARA

Jewelry sterling silver, bimetal and oxidized metals with subtle patterns and pearls, earrings, pins, pendants in contemporary style

Reviews for Echo of the Dreamer MARS & VALENTINE
Jewelry unusual vintage elements, buttons and itaglio, set in sterling silver

Reviews for Martin Henry MARTIN HENRY

HomeDecor metal window charms (for wall too)

Reviews for Maruca MARUCA

Handbags Accessories custom jacquard fabric in whimsical functional shapes, handbags and personal accessories

Reviews for Steven McGovney STEVEN McGOVNEY

Jewelry mixed media earrings & pendants, corrugated metal, paper

Reviews for Mehr Pottery MEHR POTTERY

HomeDecor pottery in earthy glazes, tenmoku, for flower vases

Reviews for Metal Monk METAL MONK

Jewelry custom cast silver elements holding gemstone beading

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