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The Artful Soul boasts one of the best selections of the most unique jewelry, accessories and home decor/gifts online. The professional designer products we feature truly show how the artists and have spent their entire lives honing their craft. Becoming a well-respected and reputable designer is not an easy feat to accomplish, which is why we love to hear the perspective of the artists and designers on how they were inspired to create such unique products.

We guarantee you will find a product perfect for your style that only you will have. Please look through our gallery where you’ll see our full list of our jewelry, handbags, and accessories. Search through our products and designers by such criteria as color, gemstones and styles.

If you have any questions on anything specific or just general inquires on artists and new products please contact us. We look forward to providing you with a unique item of which you will be ecstatic to show off!
On this page you begin to see our wide selection of designers, listed alphabetically!
You can see the FULL LIST in all categories here, or sorted by Jewelry, Handbags, Accessories, and HomeDecor. You will also notice the Made in America flag.
To search by other criteria, please use links to left for Color, Gemstones, Styles, and Themes.
Also use SEARCH feature, as designers for whom we have a small number of items will not be listed.
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Jewelry stone cabochons in silver settings. Use Search to find pieces on various pages.

Reviews for Michou MICHOU
Jewelry sterling with vermeil accents, bright gemstones in a full line of jewelry

Reviews for Q Miller Q MILLER

Jewelry polished pewter and brass, artistic shapes with quirky names, earrings, pins and bracelets

Reviews for Virginia Miska VIRGINIA MISKA

Jewelry ceramic black-and-ivory pins and earrings with animal and cave motifs

Reviews for Mylinka MYLINKA by RITA DIANA

Handbags soft Italian leather richly colored and embossed design, accented with crystals, gathered into frilly handbags

Reviews for Mystical Madness MISTI MARTIN'S MYSTICAL MADNESS
Jewelry sterling silver cast bodies hold gemstones and pearls, some ethnic appeal

Reviews for Nagomi NAGOMI
Jewelry Handbags kimono fabric encased for earrings and pendants, also sewn into unusual small bag shapes

Reviews for Nahui Ollin NAHUI OLLIN
Handbags candy wrapper bags, wristlets

Reviews for Nakamol Designs NAKAMOL JEWELRY DESIGN
Jewelry crystal and gemstone beaded on cord and wire

Reviews for OC Jewelry OC by OFELIA CISNEROS

Jewelry aluminum and steel with metallic color finishes

Reviews for Orchids Jewelry ORCHIDS
Jewelry real orchids with color enhanced by the acrylic dipping process, beautiful pins and earrings

Reviews for Origin Jewelry ORIGIN JEWELRY
Jewelry synthetic resin colorful necklaces, earrings

Rings test, Stella Page STELLA PAGE

Jewelry rings cast in acrylic with decorative paper and crystals on top.

Reviews for Pazit Keidar PAZIT KEIDAR
Jewelry matte finish metal jewelry in sweeping graceful lines

Reviews for Petrified Forest PETRIFIED FOREST by STEVE DAY

HomeDecor stoneware slabs imprinted with real leaves, enhanced by glaze, for bowls, trays and wall hangings

Reviews for Studio Picea STUDIO PICEA by SUE SAVAGE

Jewelry gems made from polymer clay in a process that looks like fine enameling, mounted to pewter for earrings, necklaces, bracelets


Handbags fine leather in embossed color patterns

Reviews for Pilgrim Imports PILGRIM IMPORTS
Home Decor Pilgrim Imports offers handcrafted mixed metal and beaded hanging ornaments, ideal for the Christmas tree, window sun-catcher, or delightful wall accent.

Reviews for Shirley Price SHIRLY PRICE

Jewelry pendants and earrings in sterling with exotic asian style, interesting gemstone cabochons and pearls added

Reviews for Qudo Collection QUDO COLLECTION
Jewelry color leather, stainless colors, extra large crystals

Reviews for Emily Ray EMILY RAY

Jewelry Swarovski crystals in Hoopla collection, finished necklaces


Jewelry silver and bimetal gold earrings with overlay details

Jewelry agates and interesting big stones featured as pendants on cords


Jewelry sterling silver with anticlastic raised techniques, bent shapes, lightweight shiny earrings

Reviews for Robin Goodfellow ROBIN GOODFELLOW

Jewelry wire and beads in organic vintage style

Reviews for Real Roses Jewelry REAL RED ROSES
Jewelry miniature red roses encased in acrylic for little earrings and pendants

Reviews for Christopher Royal CHRISTOPHER ROYAL

Jewelry kinetic wire with resin-dipped color

Reviews for Sajen SAJEN
Jewelry goddess and gemstones artistically designed in sterling

Reviews for Searcey Designs SEARCEY DESIGNS by GRANT & MINDY SEARCEY

Jewelry sterling silver Birthstone Bars ™ and symbolic jewelry themes

Reviews for Simon Sebbag SIMON SEBBAG
Jewelry versatile sterling and gold vermeil BIG beads with multistrand leather necklaces, earrings, bracelets and coordinating pins

HomeDecor slab ceramic vases in architectural shapes

Reviews for Seeka SEEKA

Jewelry stainless steel laser cut with artwork set inside openings, elegant and lightweight pins

Reviews for Alice Seely ALICE SEELY'S Urban Fetishes

Jewelry pewter with deco, floral and ethnic motifs in relief, necklaces, rings, bracelets, pins and earrings

Reviews for Sharelli SHARELLI
Jewelry sterling and vermeil smooth shapes (outlet)

Reviews for Sierra SIERRA by CHERYL SIRKUS

Jewelry (outlet) sterling and gold vermeil elegant and feminine shapes colored with gemstones, earrings and pendants

Reviews for Silk Bijoux SILK BIJOUX

Jewelry Accessories handpainted silk scarves, scarf clips, earrings

Reviews for Silver Forest SILVER FOREST

Jewelry earrings that are affordable, mixed metals and color

Singerman & Post SINGERMAN & POST

Jewelry artwork pieces in 3-dimensional shapes, lightweight earrings, pendants

Reviews for Skeleton Leaf Jewelry SKELETON LEAF by MICHAEL SAGE

Jewelry cellulose skeletons from natural leaves encased with color for pendants and earrings

Reviews for Sobral R. SOBRAL
Jewelry recycled color resins are molded and sometimes capture other elements for unusual earrings and bracelets

Reviews for Liz Soto LIZ SOTO
Handbags fabric and leather handbags with a bit of interesting embellishment

Reviews for Spirit Lala SPIRIT LALA

Jewelry original art reprinted and sealed under glass or acrylic

Reviews for Starrylights STARRYLIGHTS by BETH BERGGREN

HomeDecor terracotta luminaries painted with themes

Reviews for Steampunk STEAMPUNK

Jewelry vintage industrial, watch parts and typewriter keys for rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets

Reviews for Stefans Jewelry STEFANS
Jewelry sterling silver in simple organic shapes

Reviews for Studio 604 STUDIO 604 by TISH COLLINS

Jewelry industrial metals worked artistically by hand, often with Tish artwork elements

Reviews for Sun Designs SUN DESIGNS

Jewelry elegant mother-of-pearl that is color dyed in bold shapes and worked into floral motifs for necklaces and earrings

Reviews for Susanne Lorraine SUSANNE LORRAINGE

Jewelry intriguing Swarovski crystal shapes and color combinations

Reviews for Sweet Romance SWEET ROMANCE and OLLIPOP

Jewelry rings and earrings in vintage themes, but new!

Reviews for Sybil Shane SYBIL SHANE

HomeDecor prints from original artwork that are ready to hang, elegant greeting cards

Reviews for Tahmi TAHMI

Jewelry silver and goldfill rings intertwined for intriguing necklaces, bracelets and earrings (outlet)

Reviews for Tessoro TESSORO

Jewelry birch bark worked with pearls, gemstones and gold leaf for lightweight earrings, pins, and pendants

Reviews for Toby Weston TOBY WESTON

Handbags fabric handbags with pockets and organizational features, each is unique

Reviews for The Touch THE TOUCH

Jewelry 14kt gold and gemstones in lightweight but eyecatching styles

Reviews for Tracy Puckett Glass TRACY PUCKETT FUSED GLASS

HomeDecor fused glass flower plant stakes

Reviews for Anatoly Turov ANATOLY TUROV

HomeDecor custom ceramic sculptures, used as a canvas for original handpainted artwork

Reviews for Tutu Jewelry TUTU by KAREN WIECHMAN

Jewelry colorful beads are combined to create floral motif drop earrings

Reviews for Tweak Jewelry TWEAK by CAROLINE BRUCE
Jewelry polished gemstones in unusual sizes and rich colors are joined to fan out for necklace sets

Reviews for Ultrasuede Bags ULTRASUEDE BAGS
Handbags ultrasuede and suede in roomy, stylish bags

Reviews for Veneto Leather VENETO LEATHER
Handbags soft reptile texture 2-strap handbags

Reviews for V Style Glass VSTYLE GLASS by JAMES VERNOR

Jewelry handblown glass pendants with colorful "scenes" of flowers and sealife

Reviews for W/A Studios W/A STUDIOS

Jewelry crystals in simple metal settings

Reviews for Whimsical Originals WHIMSICAL ORIGINALS

Jewelry leather cuff bracelets with embossed and handpainted color

Reviews for Marley Wong MARLEY WONG

Jewelry micro-macrame technique with thin cord captures bold cabochons and stones for statement necklaces and artsy earrings

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