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Amy Lacombe
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Sold Items

While many of our sterling silver pieces can be attributed to jewelry designers with full pages of offerings, here we have odds and ends, all still new and beautiful, made in 92.5% silver (sterling).
To help you navigate, use the the LEFTHAND COLUMN LINKS to see other Outlet Pages, you can also view all the pages using the buttons below. Within each of those pages, use the DESIGNER LINKS BOX to see other work by this designer not in the Outlet Store.
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Annaliese Flower Necklace
Annaliese Flower Necklace
$96.00 $62.40 On Sale!
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7/8 inch medallion is hand cut sterling silver sheet depicting a single flower, hammered and polished on one side and satin finish on the other. Suspended from sterling 18 inch chain with lobster clasp.
By Annaliese Cassarino of La Jolla, California.
Final Sale-No Return

Jeannie Haydon Coffee Mug Pin
Jeannie Haydon Coffee Mug Pin
$55.00 $35.75 On Sale!
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Sterling silver brooch by Jeannie Haydon of northern California. It is heavy gauge sterling cut and soldered, textured, and with a slightly oxidized surface to keep the raised details easy to see. Measures 1 x 1-3/8 inches depicting a mug of coffee with the aroma swirling above, horizontal barpin clasp.
Final Sale-No Return

The Touch SS Fish Pin
The Touch SS Fish Pin
$42.00 $21.00 On Sale!
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Small accent pin in cast sterling silver is 1-1/2 inches tall with vertical barpin clasp. Extraordinary fish shape is polished shiny and rich with textural details.
Made by The Touch studio in Massachusetts.
Final Sale-No Return

The Touch SS Star of David Charm
The Touch SS Star of David Charm
$18.00 $9.00 On Sale!
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Star of David with sterling sculpted to interweave the triangles into 6-sided shape. 3/8 inches across, has attached bail ring to suspend from delicate neck chain.
Made by The Touch studio in Massachusetts.
Final Sale-No Return

The Touch SS Umbrella Charm
The Touch SS Umbrella Charm
$28.00 $14.00 On Sale!
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Fully formed sterling silver umbrella, probably beach-style with the straight handle, swings freely from ring. 1/2 inch across.
Made by The Touch studio in Massachusetts.
Final Sale-No Return

The Touch Flip Flop Earrings-SS
The Touch Flip Flop Earrings-SS
$45.00 $31.50 On Sale!
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Flip flop earrings in medium size, sterling silver, measure about 5/16 x 5/8 inches. For pierced ears, they have 14kt gold posts. The shiny metal is hard to capture in our is silver with textured foot pad.
Made by The Touch studio in Massachusetts.
Final Sale-No Return

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