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Gift Certificates
Gift Certificates
available at The Artful Soul®
This page updated 8/16/13
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If you know someone who likes the selection at The Artful Soul, or has a favorite artist carried by us, you can purchase them a GIFT CERTIFICATE on-line, redeemable as a credit against Internet purchases!
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About Gift Certificates
The Artful Soul On-Line Gift Certificate may be purchased in any amount and has no expiration date. On-Line. Gift Certificates are used as a form of payment toward any purchase, including sales tax and shipping. Not redeemable for cash, may be partially used on more than one purchase.

Collectors Club Credit is earned by the Gift Certificate recipient upon redemption for each item purchased...the purchaser of a Gift Certificate does not earn credit for his/her own account.   If you are unfamiliar with our Collectors Club benefits, see the News & Sales page for details!
How to Redeem a Gift Certificate (lucky you!)
If you have The Artful Soul On-Line Gift Certificate, then you received a Number and PIN password.   When you have selected items for your Shopping Cart and are ready to check-out, you will put the numbers in the spaces provided, and the amount of the certificate will be applied toward final payment.   You may use ALL or PART of your Gift, any unused balance will carry over to your next purchase!   Lost Numbers can be retrieved by contacting us, and we will re-send to the email address provided at purchase.
In order to gather all the information we need to issue a Gift Certificate, use our Gift Certificate Purchase form.
This link will take you through our Shopping Cart to securely handle your sensitive data.
Your Gift will be announced by an Email, which will be sent after your credit card and order have been processed.   It will not be immediate, please allow up to 24 hours typically.
If you want us to delay sending the Email announcement, you can use the Comment box available at CheckOut to explain your wishes. If you would rather "present" the On-Line Gift Certificate to the recipient (not via Email), then you could put YOUR email in the Recipient email box, so the Codes will be sent to you (then print out)!

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