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Our satisfaction and return policy

When: You may return any item for refund or exchange within 10 days* of receiving it. You can return for any reason. See Exceptions below

What may be returned: Items must be in perfect, unused, unworn, resaleable condition for a full refund.   Products that arrive to you with tags attached, must be returned with tags attached. Components or accessories that are part of the item package must be returned intact.   Borrowing for a night out is considered used, and will be denied a refund!
Sale-priced items can also be returned...See Exceptions below.
Outlet Store items cannot be returned, these are Final Sale.
Special Order products may not be returned...this would be explained prior to your placing the order.
Defects in items, which are found immediately or occur within a reasonable (warranty) period of time after purchase, are always returnable for repair or exchange as suits the situation.   See more about repairs and warranties below.

How to ship us your return: Instructions are included with the paperwork in your package. You must email in advance to obtain a Return Authorization Number (RA#), and you must put this on the outside of the package or on the label. Packages we receive of unknown origin are likely to be returned unopened to sender, and all return rights voided!
Returns should be shipped to The Artful Soul, 10624 S. Eastern Ave, Suite A-264, Henderson, NV 89052.   You are responsible for return shipping costs and care to get the item(s) back to us in same-as-received shape, so repackage for safe transit.. The package must be enroute within 10 days of original delivery to you, consider purchasing insurance with the shipper as any loss or damage in-transit is your responsibility.

How refund is made: If your order was placed without restrictions on refunds, your refund will be made promptly in the same form of payment you were originally charged. See What is refunded below for how it is calculated. For orders that are not entitled to a refund due to special terms, See Exceptions below.

What is refunded: The net price you paid for merchandise is refunded. Discounts that are affected by the return will be adjusted accordingly. Buy & Share Quantity Savings are adjusted to quantity level retained.
Shipping charges paid are never refunded.
Free Shipping Offers that are returned will have the greater of 5% of Return Value or $5.00 deducted from any refund or store credit (in lieu of calculating actual shipping cost). Specific offer terms may change this provision. This deduction applies to exchanges also.

Merchandise exchange: If you wish to return an item just received in exchange for another, please include this request in your RA# request email (explained above). We will correspond about availability, pricing and procedure. There will be a new shipping charge. As the exchange will affect your return refund, or incur an additional charge, this will be spelled out by email. If you wish to return an item for exchange and not refund, but have not yet selected an exchange item, then we will issue a Store Merchandise Credit (see next topic).

Store Merchandise Credit: This may be issued in the form of an email Gift Certificate for the amount of the return value. Instructions for use will be included in that email. Or, it may be issued in the form of a Coupon code sent to you by email, which you can enter in the Shopping Cart on a future order. Store Merchandise Credit cannot be applied toward new shipping charges.

Gifts and Time Extensions: Since some purchases are gifts, the 10 day* policy may be too restrictive, so we welcome your request, upon ordering, that the policy be modified under your particular circumstances.   Please ask for return time extensions upon ordering, providing us with the date you will give the gift, prior approval for late returns is required.
Christmas gifts, purchased after Thanksgiving, are automatically eligible for return through December 31st, without prior approval.
All extended gift returns are eligible for Store Merchandise Credit only!
If you are ordering the gift to be shipped directly to the recipient, we include Return Instructions in the package for exchange only (but no price information).
If you received a gift that you think was purchased from us, but do not have any receipts, we cannot accept a return.   Talk with the nice person who bought your gift for you...perhaps it is still within the 10 days, and they can arrange for exchange credit with us.

Exceptions to Return Policy: There may be some Special Orders, Coupons, or Sale Events where there will be refund or return restrictions, but those terms will be outlined before you make your purchase. Orders placed with shipping option Economy (no refunds), discounted shipping, do not qualify for refunds. In some sale events, and in our Outlet Store, Final Sale terms may apply. The special event may offer Store Merchandise Credit (see above) for returns, instead of a refund. Any exceptions will be clearly explained in advance of your purchase. If terms are not otherwise specified in a sale event, our typical coupon terms apply.

Failure to follow policy: Uh-oh. If your return arrives broken, or sent out late, or without an could be returned unopened, subject to a 20% late or restocking fee, or refund rejected. Please don't let that happen!

The fine print footnotes...
* 10 days means you can evaluate your purchase for 10 days, starting on the day it is delivered to you by the shipper according to their tracking.   If the package is delivered, but you are not home or do not open it for 10 days or more, then you will be unable to return your purchase.   For an approved return, your package must be sent out to us by the 10th day.   Shipping times do NOT count toward the 10 day limit.   For any exceptions to this 10 day limit, you MUST request it in ADVANCE when you place your order, so that it will be written into your sales slips!

Print a copy of our current Return Policy

About Ordering

Product Availability: When a product has an Order button, then it is IN STOCK, available for immediate shipment. We change this to an [Out of Stock] or [SOLD] message when that changes...sometimes there is a short delay in that process, BUT if you try to order an out-of-stock item through our Shopping Cart, you will get an Error Message at the top to let you know that it is not available.

Ordering with Shopping Cart (the BEST way): ALL items on our website have the button when they are available for purchase, so you can add them directly and easily into the Shopping Cart Order Form.   When you are done shopping, you may view your Shopping Cart by clicking on the [ View Shopping Cart ] link found in the large black box with shopping cart symbol at the top of left-side navigation bar on most pages, or in navigation links of enlarged image views.   You can select shipping methods and get your total automatically (instructions in the box at top of Shopping Cart page). Your payment and shipping information is gathered in an encrypted form over a Secure Server for data transmission protection.

Ordering by Phone: You may also use the Telephone to place your orders. We are not answering the phone 24/7, so the website is certainly more convenient in that respect. Our apologies if we are unavailable at the time you call. See the Contact Us page for phone number. We will email you a confirmation of your order after the phone call, and it is VERY IMPORTANT that you check that email for errors, and notify us BEFORE THE ORDER IS SHIPPED.

Minimum Order: There is a $18.00 minimum order. This is the subtotal in your Shopping Cart, before adding shipping or deducting Gift Certificates. If you are using a Coupon, this is deducted before reaching the subtotal, so you will need to order at least $18.00 more than your Coupon value. In order to place an order below the minimum, you may add a Shipping Surcharge.

Processing your Order: No matter how you order, your personal sensitive data is retrieved and used only by us, our bank and yours.   A person reviews and processes your order, and a person sends you a detailed confirmation email.   If your order includes special instructions in the "Comments" section of the order form, a person will read carefully and follow through on all the details.   You have the opportunity to change or cancel your order before it is shipped.   We charge your credit card when we are packing your order for shipment (see see payment processing below), we may pack the day of, or prior to, actual shipment out. A person is available by email or telephone to assist you during business hours and beyond (we are not quite a 24/7 operation).

Shipping your Order: See below for shipping options and procedures.

Important: We require a verified billing address and CVV2 security code on all payments made by credit card. Verified means that the information you provide us matches EXACTLY the information used by your credit card company. We also require a valid shipping address. If you provide inaccurate information, this will delay or cancel your order, or cause additional charges for correction.

Up to Return Policy

Lower Price Matching Program

Our designer product selection is made with artistry and quality in mind, often from specialty low production artisan studios. Most of these designers have a following, and are offered in other stores across the country! Which means you might be able to find another store on the Internet that offers the same item as we do, if it is a small production item, not a one-of-a-kind (which we have many of!) If you find a product in our website store that is offered in another store's website at a lower price, please Contact Us via Email to see if we can match that price! You MUST include a link and explanation from that competing website so we can see what you see. If we can match the price, we would send you a Coupon to apply to that item to bring down the total of your be sure to contact us BEFORE you place that order!
Note, this is not a low price Guarantee program. We do not match lower prices if they occur or are found after the order is placed. We also may not offer a lower price on the item you inquire about, there may be reasons that we are not able to accommodate that particular request.

Forms of payment accepted

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express cards are accepted. Please note...Gift Cards issued by these companies will not be able to satisfy the Address Verification step, so cannot be accepted for Internet orders.

Debit cards that have any of the Visa/MasterCard logos on them are also accepted, be sure and note Processing steps below.

PayPal option requires CONFIRMED ADDRESS and using a source of funds within the US/Canada/UK. Please note...your order does not reach us until PayPal gives us the "all clear", we do not even know what you ordered until then. If you have immediate funds available in your PayPal account, then PayPal's notice reaches us right away. If you are not using an immediate funding method, this will delay your order reaching us for up to 4 business days, and there is a risk that the items you ordered could be sold before then.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS (customers with billing addresses outside the US) See International Shipping below.

Checks or money orders are not accepted for on-line purchases (we had one too many orders whose checks never arrived), but we do accept checks for in-store purchases.

Processing of Credit/Debit Cards: The first step we perform is authorization where we submit the Billing Address, CVV2 and amount to be charged to your Debit/Credit Card. If approved, your Bank may put a temporary hold on your account funds for the pending charge, but it is not a true charge/debit YET. In the event that the Billing Address/CVV2 information you provided does not match the bank records, we may need to perform the authorization step a second time with corrected information. This may result in a second temporary hold by your Bank. But we will only submit One Charge/Debit, or No Charge if address verification fails, at the end of the business day, and the temporary holds put on your account by your bank should be released. Please call your bank about their policy.

We require a verified billing address and CVV2 security code on all payments made by credit card. Verified means that the Billing Address you provide us matches EXACTLY the address used by your credit card company to mail your statements, and the CVV2 code you give us matches according to your credit card company. We also require a valid shipping address. If you provide inaccurate information, this will delay or cancel your order, or cause additional charges for correction. If you are unsure what your credit card's Billing Address is, look at your most recent statement, or call the phone number on the back of your card and ask for the address used by merchants to verify.

Payment disputes: Problems happen so rarely, it's hardly worth mentioning...but just in case you wonder...The payment you make to us will appear on your credit card statement with the name of our company The Artful Soul. If there is any question or error, please notify us immediately, and we will promptly help you resolve it. Contact us FIRST, as we will be able to resolve issues much more quickly than your credit card company. Since credit card companies charge us significant fees for all services, we appreciate being able to assist you without involving them. If you fail to make a reasonable effort to let us resolve your issue, then cause us to incur additional fees or costs, we may seek reimbursement for those costs.

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Coupon Offers

We have sale events announced publicly on our website, as well as sale offers sent to customers exclusively via email.We also offer special deals through Facebook. Our sale events and coupons are unscheduled and vary each year, although you can pretty much count on the annual year-end Super Artful Sale event! Sale events may involve automatic savings offers, such as Free Shipping or discounts with a minimum purchase, or offer savings using Coupon Codes that apply either storewide or to specific products. If an offer involves specific terms, they will be outlined in detail.

Check our News & Sales Page for any Coupon Offers now available!

Some offers may not have detailed terms, so the following default terms apply:
Discount Coupon may specify a minimum order and apply to certain products. Normal Return Policies will apply. The net paid, after applicable discount, will be calculated for refund. If the subsequent return results in the total purchase falling below the specified minimum, then all Coupon savings will be deducted from refund.
Free Shipping offer may specify a minimum order and apply to certain products. Normal Return Policies will apply. However, the greater of $5.00 or 5% of Return Value will be deducted from any refund, in lieu of calculating actual shipping cost. If the subsequent return results in the total purchase falling below the specified minimum, then the entire order value will be used to calculate the 5% charge against refund. This deduction applies to exchanges also.
Multiple Coupons are not accepted by our Shopping Cart. You can apply only one savings offer to any one item. During events where there may be more than one offer available, you might place separate orders to use each coupon...but the coupon in one order will not apply toward any other order.

Up to Return Policy

Personal Information Security

Our on-line Secure Order Form and Shopping Cart are encrypted so that data transmission cannot be interpreted or intercepted. On the Shopping Cart pages, you can view our SSL Security Certificate, issued by GeoTrust Certificate Authority, that verifies encrypted service, 128-bit protection, or 256-bit if your browser/computer is capable!

Your sensitive information is held temporarily on a database server, is never emailed, and is deleted regularly. The CVV2 security code is deleted immediately. Paperwork that contains any credit card data is cross-shredded.
Your credit card details are not included in your shipment, so personal information is not at risk with shipping.

We do not sell or share your data with any other entities.   We add you to our email list only if you request it (on the order form).   Orders require a phone number, which is required in case of delivery problems...we do not put you on a phone list for solicitation.

We require a verified billing address and CVV2 security code on all payments made by credit card. Verified means that the Billing Address you provide us matches EXACTLY the address used by your credit card company to mail your statements, and the CVV2 code you give us matches according to your credit card company. We also require a valid shipping address. Credit cards are not charged, and orders not shipped, without verification.

Domestic (U.S.) Shipping Policy and Charges

Your shipping options will appear after you put an item in the Shopping Cart and enter the Ship-To Zip/Postal Code in the box indicated, then recalculate. The Shopping Cart cannot quote you until you do this step (but you do not need to sign or register to get your estimate)! Orders ship from Henderson, Nevada.

Free Shipping will utilize one of the methods below, most economical for us. This option may include special terms about returns, explained by coupon details or a link in the Shopping Cart option.
UPS Ground is available for orders shipping to the US 50 states. Insurance is included, there is no maximum value. The rate is calculated automatically by referring to the UPS computer real-time based on your package weight, value, and zip code. See the UPS Ground timetable for transit time from us to you. Days are counted in business days, excluding weekends and holidays. During the Christmas shopping season, Ground transit delays may occur.   We cannot ship to Post Office boxes.
UPS-Air Services are available for RUSH DELIVERY SERVICE in the US 50 states.   Days are counted in business days, excluding weekends and holidays.   We can offer 3-day, 2-day, or overnight services, depending on the day/ time of day you place your order. Insurance is included. The rate quoted in the Shopping Cart is calculated automatically by referring to the UPS computer real-time based on your package weight, value and zip code. We cannot ship to a Post Office box with these services.

Priority Mail service with US Postal Service is available for all 50 US states and territories. We CAN ship to Post Office Boxes with this method. Insurance and delivery confirmation are included, with tracking. In the rare event of an insured loss claim, postal service claims may be delayed up to 30 days after shipment. The charge is based on a weight and insured value formula that is estimated in the Shopping Cart, the rate starts higher for heavier items, and increases a bit with every dollar added to your order.

USPS Ground Advantage (formerly First Class) service is available for jewelry and smaller items that weigh less than 13 ounces, and VALUE LESS THAN $500. We CAN ship to PO Boxes with this method. Insurance and Delivery Confirmation are included, transit time is a bit longer than Priority Mail. See above Priority Mail description for other details.

Priority Express Mail service with US Postal Service is available for all 50 US states and territories. Insurance and delivery confirmation are included. We do not always offer the service, usually only over holidays. This service offers a 1 or 2 day delivery guarantee depending on destination address. Also, the cut-off time to get a package into the postal system is early in the day. So we cannot offer this as a Next Day delivery if you place your order today...we can only offer that with UPS Next Day Air. See above Priority Mail description for other details about USPS services.

Phone orders We are happy to help by phone, though we are cannot take your order 24/7 like the website can! It is possible that mistakes can happen, so be sure to review the email confirmation that is sent, we cannot be responsible if you fail to correct any errors before your order is shipped.

Shipping Confirmation: We ship most weekdays from Henderson, Nevada. The Announcements box of the Shopping Cart page (upper right) has a notice of our next anticipated shipping day.   We will confirm in your Shipping Confirmation email your shipping date. This email will also provide tracking links, which we rely on YOU to monitor. If the delivery date is critical, please feel free to contact us before placing your order! If the confirmation email did not reach you, check your Junk/Bulk mail files, or Contact Us via email for another copy.

Tracking: The Shipping Confirmation email you get will include links to tracking information. We rely on YOU to monitor the progress of your package. If it starts to go missing, or is not delivered as scheduled, email us. A common problem with the post office is they attempt delivery when you are not home, and then send your package to your local post office for pick up, but forget to leave you a pick-up will only be held a couple weeks there before coming back to us...don't let that happen!

Claims for loss: We package things very well, and have a terrific record of no breakage in shipment, but guarantee nothing, and rely on the insurance and guarantee programs of well-recognized shippers. Any claims for loss must be made using the shipper's program and procedures. Please notify us IMMEDIATELY if your package is damaged, lost, or contents are missing, because delay will reduce your rights to recovery. Damage may require that you save the packaging materials for pick-up, and the shipper may require information from you directly. We will pass along claim proceeds to you as soon as they are available to us from the shipper. UPS is reasonably prompt with claims processing, will pick up damaged packages from your door. USPS may require 30 days before processing, and you must visit your post office yourself for rifling/damage claims.

We will ship to non-billing address: Our Shopping Cart provides you with separate shipping and billing address areas, as well as gift-card option, so we can certainly send your order to a work or gift recipient address. Use the Comment Boxes if you need them for additional instructions!

Address Corrections: You are responsible for providing us with a valid ship-to delivery address. USPS and UPS labels that we process on-line through their computers, allow us to confirm validity of addresses, but occasionally, rural or new addresses are not in their databases. Rather than assume you erred in address, we will still ship manually to the address you provided. If we make a mistake in shipping to the wrong address, then we will make every effort to correct the problem at our expense. If the mistake is yours, then any shipper redelivery, loss, or return charges incurred will be your responsibility.

We require a verified billing address and CVV2 security code on all payments made by credit card. Verified means that the Billing Address you provide us matches EXACTLY the address used by your credit card company to mail your statements, and the CVV2 code you give us matches according to your credit card company. We also require a valid shipping address. If you provide inaccurate information, this will delay or cancel your order, or cause additional charges for correction.

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Delivery Date Guarantees

UPS: UPS services come with a Delivery Date guarantee. Please use the Tracking links provided in your Shipping Confirmation to monitor the package progress, but if your package is not delivered on time, contact us promptly. We will follow up on the problem with UPS. All packages are INSURED and may require a signature, though you may have an arrangement with your UPS local delivery to leave packages at the door. The first-attempt at delivery is the date used for delivery guarantees. We rely on UPS refund policies, so if UPS denies the claim for late delivery, for a justifiable reason such as severe weather or bad address/re-routing, then there is no refund. If a refund is made to us, we will pass along to you a refund of all but insurance and handling charges.

USPS: There are no delivery date guarantees on Priority or Ground Advantage (formerly First Class Mail) with USPS. USPS quotes 2-3 days transit time, contact us if it has been more than 10 days so we can monitor the situation. Lost packages are extremely rare, sometimes tracking barcodes are not scanned, weather and routing error delays are possible.

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International Shipping & Payments (Outside US)

Where: At this time, we are only shipping to US, US territorites and military overseas addresses. We reserve the right to refuse orders placed from certain countries or under questionable circumstances.
If you live outside our shipping countries, we suggest that you enlist the help of friends and family in the US to place the order for you, with their US billing and shipping information.

Military Overseas & US Territories: APO/US Military and US Territories, places that have overseas US Zip codes, shipping is available by Priority Mail service, see Domestic Shipping above.

Payments made outside the US (when your Billing Address is outside the US) are generally not accepted as we must be able to verify the billing address. American Express cards usually work, for cards issued directly by American Express. US/Canada addresses are the only ones with data available to the US banks that process Visa/MasterCard. If you place an order and the credit card is not accepted, it could be because Address Verification could not be performed on a non-US address.

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Customer Registration

When you place an order through our Shopping Cart, you have the option of signing in with a password.   This is for your convenience in placing future orders, that you may save desired information.   All information is submitted and saved in a Secure/Encrypted environment (you will see the little lock and "https:" in your browser).   You may pick and choose which information you would like to save, such as prior orders, shipping address, billing address and/or payment information.   We do NOT access Registered Customers for our mailing list; our mailing list is maintained separately for customers who indicate they wish to be on our email list.   We also do NOT have access to your sensitive information you save, until you submit an order.   Registration is purely optional for your convenience, and you may place orders with or without registration sign-in (but only orders placed when Signed-In will be saved in your account for future reference).

You may review your Registered Customer account at any time, to check past orders for instance, by clicking on the [View Shopping Cart] link and Sign-In (you do not need to be placing an order to view your account).

Signing up requires your email address and selecting a password. If you forget your password, there is an automated email you can request to select a new one. If you have trouble remembering your registered email, you can Contact Us for assistance.

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Wish List

Items with the [] button beside them can easily be added to your personal Wish List, so you can take your time considering them for purchase, or send your list to friends to purchase for you! Use the [ View Wish List ] links provided in upper left corner navigation of most web pages (under "View Shopping Cart") to look at your list anytime.

Friends and family can also look at your Wish List using the [ View Wish List ] button, just give them your User Name and make it "public" for viewing. If you wish to remain "private", then friends and family can only see your list if you email it to them.

See also Wish List Help page!

Sales Tax

Orders shipped to a Nevada address are charged 8.25% sales tax on merchandise, excluding shipping. No tax is added on orders shipped anywhere else.

Special Orders

If you wish to order something shown on our website that is [ Out of Stock ] or [ SOLD ] , you may inquire about future availability.   We do reorder some continuing styles.   However, sometimes we replace SOLD items with new selections, so will not be restocking the item you wish. Contact Us via email about the possibility for a Special Order. Special orders require a 50% non-refundable deposit on order, balance when item is shipped to you...these terms will be clearly outlined to you upon order.

We also offer Pre-Ordering for some Out of Stock items to ship automatically.

Custom orders, for items not specifically shown on our website, are not generally available.   The Internet is really not suited to custom work, as compared to working face-to-face with your local gallery or jeweler.   We may be able to help you with items that only require simple modification, and only in the case of artists who are available for custom work (some cannot, due to existing workloads).

Special Orders, custom orders, or items modified at your request, are not returnable or refundable.

Up to Return Policy

Pre-Ordering Out of Stock Items

Items marked [ SOLD ] on our website will NOT be restocked. But items marked [ Out of Stock ] may be returning sometime soon. This is not always the case, and we invite you to Contact Us via email about any particular item.

If it will be restocked, you may request an email informing you when it is again available for on-line ordering. Or you can Pre-Order so that it will ship as soon as it arrives, ahead of any email requests! For a Pre-Order, make note of our Item #, full item name, and will need to supply this through the Shopping Cart along with your payment and delivery information. More about Pre-Order terms on the Pre-Order page.
We also offer Special Orders for SOLD items, out-of-stock items we will not be restocking, or items not on our website, on a case-by-case basis.

Up to Return Policy

Warranty and Repairs

Repairs and replacements (beyond initial receipt of item) are available on a case-by-case basis, relying on the particular artist's warranty.   The Artful Soul does not do the repairs, we send the item back to the artist who created the piece.   We are only able to help with repair/replacement of items originally purchased from us, and evidence of that may be required.   Some repairs may be at no-charge, some may be available for a charge.   Repairs we handle by mail require a shipping/handling charge.   Even if the item cannot be replaced or repaired after evaluation by us or the artist, shipping/handling charges will still apply.

If you need something fixed or replaced, Contact Us via email with your name*, where you are from*, artist name, item description, where & when purchased, and the nature of the problem.

You must obtain a Return Authorization Number (RA#) prior to sending us a package...this is so we can match your item to our notes regarding the action promised.   Packages that arrive without the RA# written on the label are likely to be returned unopened to sender!

Up to Return Policy

Thank you for shopping at The Artful Soul! . . . Marcea Reid, owner
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