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Amber Jewelry
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This page shows an exciting assortment of jewelry that incorporates AMBER, a fossilized sap that is commonly referred to as a gemstone. The most intriguing amber pieces include plant and insect specimens, bubbles, or other natural variations. The color is generally a shade of golden yellow, but can be green and red. We have selections from a few of our artists, set in silver and gold.

To see more work by any artist represented below, you may click on the Item Title, then click where indicated to get the full artist page!
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Black&Brown   Black&White   Bright Multi   Neutral Multi   Pastel Multi   Red,White&Blue   Turquoise&Brown
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Gemstones:   Abalone   Amazonite   Amber   Amethyst   Ammonite/Ammolite   Apatite   Aquamarine   Black Onyx   Blue Topaz   Carnelian   Chalcedony   Charoite   Citrine   Coral   Dalmation   Diamond   Drusy Agate   Emerald   Fossils   Garnet   Iolite   Ivory (fossil)   Jade   Jasper   Kyanite   Labradorite   Lapis Lazuli   Larimar   Leopardskin   Moonstone   Mother-of-Pearl   Opal   Orange gemstones   Paua Shell   Pearl   Peridot   Prehnite   Quartz   Ruby   Rutilated Quartz   Sapphire   Shells   Smoky Quartz   Sugilite   Tanzanite   Topaz   Tourmaline   Tourmalinated Quartz   Turquoise
Amber and Amethyst Pin
Amber and Amethyst Pin
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Golden honey AMBER glows next to the oval cabochons of AMETHYST. Amber has some inclusions for interest, the amethyst is clear medium purple color, all pieces are prong-set on sterling silver with open backs. Barpin clasp. Pin measures 1.5 inches.
Amber Lapis Pendant
Amber Lapis Pendant
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Striking geometric shapes in this sterling silver pendant create a modern style. But it includes a large piece of the ancient---AMBER! Golden honey yellow color of amber has brighter yellow inclusions that look like golden leaves or wings, it is shaped tall with squared edges in keeping with the modern look of the overall piece. Small triangle of deep blue LAPIS above. Pendant measures 1.25 inches across, 2.5 inches long including bail.
Amber Blue Lace Agate Pin
Amber Blue Lace Agate Pin
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Striking geometric shapes in this sterling silver brooch create a modern style. But it includes a large piece of the ancient---AMBER! Golden honey yellow color of amber has brighter yellow inclusions that look like golden leaves or wings, it is shaped tall with squared edges in keeping with the modern look of the overall piece. Small triangle of BLUE LACE AGATE off to the side, horizontal barpin clasp for wearing pin best at angle shown. Measures 2 x 1 inches.
Amber Petals Pin
Amber Petals Pin
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A trio of petal-shaped AMBER pieces are captured in sterling silver bezels (open in the back) and gracefully curving tendrils to form a flower design. The amber is honey gold color, each piece measures about 7/8 inch tall with bubbly inclusions throughout. Pin has barpin clasp, measures 2-1/2 x 1-5/8 inches.
Q Miller Belief System Necklace
Q Miller Belief System Necklace
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6 inch heavy wire extends in curve across front of neck, you can bend it gently to fit your neckline best. Is is suspended from silver chain and lobster clasp, up to 19 inches long (shorter if clasped on other chain links). On the bar are interesting components with extraordinary shapes. Polished pewter with fishscale and bubble patterns, star, hammered brass spiral soldered onto pewter, curled pewter tube, black OSTRICH SHELL beads, AMBER ovals, tiny faceted GOLDSTONE black beads. Longest drop at center is 2-3/4 inches.
Michou Amber Organic Cluster Ring
Michou Amber Organic Cluster Ring

Sterling silver band that has brushed finish, tapers to 3/16 inch width in back. But on top is elevated cluster of stones in gold vermeil bezel cup columns, cluster extends 3/4 inch lengthwise along finger. AMBER cabochon, faceted PERIDOT and RHODOLITE GARNET, WHITE PEARLS.
Michou Amber Organic Cluster Earrings
Michou Amber Organic Cluster Earrings
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1 inch tall, 1/2 inch across, sterling post. The beautiful cluster of stones is done in sterling silver with gold vermeil accents, the stones include AMBER, AMETHYST, PERIDOT, RHODOLITE GARNET and GRAY PEARL.
Yellow and Green Amber Pin
Yellow and Green Amber Pin
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Honey gold AMBER is a natural color, along with the bright lemon yellow at center. The triangular GREEN AMBER pieces have been heated to black color on the back, creating the green color. All pieces have bubbly inclusions to make the piece sparkle. Prong-set in sterling silver, only the center round amber has bezel around it. Horizontal barpin clasp. Pin measures 1-1/8 x 2-1/4 inches.
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