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Shopping for Jewelry, Accessories, Home Decor and Gifts may involve a special occasion or event, perhaps an affinity for symbols or animals, an idea. The creative designers and artists may have products that are just perfect for YOU, that speak for YOU! Below are links to pages that gather products by theme, or lists of web pages that may contain them.
To search by other criteria, please use links to left for Designers, Styles, Color and Stones.
Also use SEARCH feature, as products in our Outlet Store will not be included in the pages linked below...but there may be treasures hidden there!
Hobbies & Interests
Special Occasions
Monthly Birthstones
Generic Gifts for Anyone
Holiday Themes
Wedding Anniversaries
Eco-Friendly, Recycled
Affordable Gifts

AFFORDABLE GIFTS Sometimes there are just too many to buy for, and sometimes it just doesn't need to be a "big" gift.
GIFTS UNDER $25 are gathered on a web page for Products Priced $25 or Less, a sampling from designers. We also have a long list of designers whose products are generally less than $25:
D'ears art on metal earrings
Blue Hill By Hand earrings
Finders Key Purse Clips
Silver Forest Earrings
Adajio Earrings
Joseph Brinton Earrings
Audrey personal accessories
Beaded Pins
Bottom's Up Glasses
Classic Hardware boxes
Handpainted Crystal Nail Files
Nicole Engblom's bowls
Femmes Fragiles jewelry
Gina Rosencrantz pins
Sandy Forrest-Hartman gamepiece pendants
Hot Hang Ups purse hangers
Kashmir Bangles
Kashmir Star Ornaments
Lost River Scarves
Virginia Miska pins
Pilgrim Imports hanging ornaments
Read Red Roses jewelry
Skeleton Leaf jewelry
Tracy Puckett glass plant stakes
Tutu Earrings

HOBBY & ANIMAL THEMES Have a passion that involves animals, objects, hobbies? We have gathered artist items from all categories into the following pages:
Dogs & Puppies
Bunnies & Rabbits
Butterflies, Insects & Bugs
Mermaids, Fish & Sealife
Celestial, Sun, Moon & Stars
Fused Glass
Goddess & Carved Faces
Gaming & Gambling:
  Donna Chambers carved mother-of-pearl gamepieces in jewelry
  Sandy Forrest-Hartman dominos pendants

PRODUCTS FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS Some events happen every year, some are more rare and special than that. Need something special to celebrate?
WEDDING DAY & BRIDAL, for the bride we have White & Ivory jewelry and accessories, for the bridal party you can browse by any of our Colors. If you want to present individual photos, the Leather Photo Envelope is elegant presentation. For the guest, wedding gifts that both he and she might like, try our General Gifts list, and frame a special photo gift with fused glass frame.

GRADUATION, a beautiful handrafted pen from Michael Harrington, or precious Gold Jewelry.

BIRTHDAY, jewelry with the Birthstone for the month.

WEDDING ANNIVERSARY, we have the full list of themes according to year.

BALLS & FANCY GATHERINGS, we have some Special Occasion Jewelry with a bit more zing than what you might wear everyday, and Special Occasion Handbags that don't need to carry everything, but carry you to dazzling fashion success!

GENERAL GIFTS Just Because or gathering thoughts on a gift for her?
GIFTS FOR HER, we have gathered a Variety of Ideas of things she might love...a snapshot of everything in our store.
Real Flowers in jewelry FOREVER
FOR THE YARD that everyone can enjoy:
Tracy Puckett fused glass flower plant stakes
While our store is focused on things for her, we do have a few other ideas! GENERIC GIFTS, that are nice for him or the family, can be found:
  Products for Desk or Shelf, photo frames, pens
  Products for the Wall like prints and other art
  Vases for fresh or dried flowers
  Tabletop Items to dine and entertain

MONTHLY BIRTHSTONES Ladies born in the following months may enjoy gifts of their gemstone anytime at all!
JANUARY is Garnet
FEBRUARY is Amethyst
MARCH is Aquamarine
APRIL is Diamond
MAY is Emerald
JUNE is Pearl, Moonstone and Alexandrite
JULY is Ruby
AUGUST is Peridot
SEPTEMBER is Sapphire
OCTOBER is Citrine and Imperial Topaz
NOVEMBER is Tourmaline and Opal
DECEMBER is Turquoise and Blue Topaz

WEDDING ANNIVERSARYS If we have an artist page with gift ideas for the anniversary year, it will be underlined!
1. Paper, Gold
2. Cotton, Garnet
3. Leather, Pearl
4. Fruit, Flowers, Blue Topaz
5. Wood, Sapphire
6. Candy, Iron, Amethyst
7. Wood, Copper, Onyx
8. Bronze, Ceramics, Tourmaline
9. Pottery, Lapis
10. Tin, Aluminum, Diamond
11. Steel, Turquoise
12. Silk, Linen, Jade
13. Lace, Citrine
14. Ivory, Opal
15. Crystal, Ruby
16. Peridot
17. Watches
18. Cats Eye Chrysoberyl
19. Aquamarine
20. China, Emerald
21. Iolite
22. Spinel
23. Imperial Topaz
24. Tanzanite
25. Silver Jubilee
30. Pearl Jubilee
35. Coral, Emerald
40. Ruby
45. Sapphire
50. Gold Jubilee
55. Emerald, Alexandrite
60. Diamond Jubilee
70. Sapphire Jubilee
80. Ruby Jubilee

ECO TREND, GREEN FRIENDLY Recycled, eco-friendly and green products are turning up everywhere...creating something from a renewable resource instead of using finite resources, or turning something that might be tossed into landfills into something useable! We offer some interesting concepts.
Tessoro jewelry, made from birch bark discarded during logging, some pieces with copper taken from old car radiators!
Steampunk Jewelry, industrial vintage style from old watchparts, typewriter keys, and things mechanical
Maggie Bags uses unwanted surplus seatbelt webbing for bags and wallets
Nahui Ollin uses recycled candy wrappers with colorful labels and printing to make purses and accessories!
Zulugrass jewelry made with grass that has been dried, cut and dyed into a rainbow of colors by the Maasai in Kenya.
Sandy Forrest-Hartman turns discarded dominos into art pieces to wear
Donna Chambers using antique mother-of-pearl gambling chip pieces as focal points in fine jewelry.

PRODUCTS FOR HOLIDAYS Accessorizing your outfit, or finding gifts, perhaps for specific holidays?
VALENTINE'S DAY, February 14th. Hearts in jewelry, accessories and gifts!
ST. PATRICK'S DAY, March 17th. Wear a bit o' Green, and we usually have some shamrocks in there.
EASTER, late March or early April. Bunnies & Rabbits for fun, Crosses for services, or Flowers for a pin.
MOTHER'S DAY, second Sunday in May for USA. Flowers to last more than a week, and Hearts because you love her.
INDEPENDENCE DAY, July 4th for USA. Red, White & Blue jewelry and accessories.
CHRISTMAS SEASON, covers several religious holidays, and a general good time had by all! Holiday Jewelry includes red & green colors or sparkles. Decorating the tree includes Pilgrim Imports mixed metal and Kashmir Papier Mache ornaments. We have Crosses and Angels in jewelry, accessories and gifts. Helpful Holiday Shopping Hints is updated just before Thanksgiving to assist in shopping for the upcoming season.

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