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Anatoly Turov paints on ceramic vessels, most notably animals. Each painting reflects a unique style and theme, from still life to bold graphic to romantic street scenes. He maintains small artisan studios in both Russia and California, so you will see both areas reflected in the themes. His work is distinctive and very collectible!
Make special note of pieces marked "LE", these are numbered limited editions that treat you with extra details in style and painting technique.
Turov Large Fish LE, Russian Folk Dance
Turov Large Fish LE, Russian Folk Dance
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Extra large 18 x 16 inch fish is Limited Edition #1/500 (but we had a it made special, so very few may ever appear!). The front is richly detailed in painting of Russian girls dancing to the boy piper, a scene from Russian folk tales. The background of deep blue, purple and green is extended to the back, with a vase and flowers. There are fish-eyes, to remind us that this is an animal shape!
Turov Tile Mural
Turov Tile Mural
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All the talk about Turov animals, yet he is a magnificent artist on tiles for the wall also.   This mural is made of twelve 6x6 inch tiles, for overall scene that is ready to frame at 18 x 24 inches.   Tiles are rich with glazed colors, glued onto masonite board.   This is a one-of-a-kind piece.
Reviews for Anatoly Turov Reviews for Anatoly Turov

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