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Orna Lalo, a graduate of the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design (Israel) presents her original and imaginative fashion accessories. Using synthetic resin and unconventional materials, she creates organic shapes inspired by flora and fauna, playing with color, texture, and finding surprises! Her work is now made in Bulgaria by skilled artisans.
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Orna Lalo Zebra Keychain
Orna Lalo Zebra Keychain
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5 inches long (excluding key ring). Clear synthetic zebra body parts with painted black stripes, joined with black and white beading, legs and ears that move.
Orna Lalo Equinox Keychain
Orna Lalo Equinox Keychain
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3-1/2 inches long (excluding key ring). Clear synthetic pony with painted white stripes, dangles with clear beaded loops, golden stars.
Orna Lalo Piranah Keychain
Orna Lalo Piranah Keychain
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3-1/4 inches long (excluding key ring). Smoke, black and red synthetic resin shapes are joined with black and lime beading.
Orna Lalo Rover Keychain
Orna Lalo Rover Keychain
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3 inches long (excluding key ring). Leaping dog made with resin shapes in rootbeer brown, painted face, joined with black beading.
Orna Lalo Geared Up Keychain
Orna Lalo Geared Up Keychain
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4-1/4 inches long (excluding key ring). This one has synthetic resin parts that move, a pair of frosted gray gears, a pair of green wrenches to work them, and a couple accent pieces for color.
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