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OC by Ofelia Cisneros
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Reviews for OC Jewelry
this page updated 11/1/13
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Designer Reviews
Ofelia Cisneros jewelry, simply OC, is handcrafted in Salinas, California. Lightweight aluminum and strong steel, finished with designer colors, are bent and joined into big, bold jewelry pieces for a strong artistic statement. Each item will vary a little bit within the style, be prepared to go WOW when you see it on you for the first time.
We offer 2 pages of her designs grouped according to the metal color finishes, don't miss either page!
More OC Jewelry . . . 1-Pewter/AntiqueBronze   2-Copper/Silver
OC Wishbone Necklace in Silver
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Worn off-center at an angle around your neck, this is an ultimately contemporary and artsy look that is elegant too. 1/4 inch black rubber tubing attaches to a 3mm thick aluminum rod with hammered texture, finished in satin silver color. The rod is 7-1/4 inches long, tube is 17 inches. How it attaches is very cool, there are pegs extending from loops on each end of the aluminum rod, over which the rubber slips. This is how you take it on and off (see larger photo for detail).
OC Tonya Earrings in Silver
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2-3/4 inches long on earwire, 3/8 inch across, an aluminum wire is hammered into a slight curve and loop at the top, black leather strip attached that curves naturally also. The aluminum has satin silver color finish. A simple industrial look that is very lightweight.
OC Knot Ring in Silver
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Knotted design and ring shank are formed from a 2mm thick wire of aluminum, lightweight and smooth. Finished in satin silver color. The knot is about 1-1/4 inches across, rises up to 1/2 inch tall. We have size 8, this size and shape will look nice and feel comfortable on any of the 3 center fingers of your hand.
OC Flor Convertible Necklace in Silver
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Ultimate contemporary/industrial look that is elegant too, 1/4 inch black rubber tubing is what the dramatic pendant will hang from. A clever peg is inserted into the end of the tube, a split in the rubber cannot be seen where you slip it open and shut over the peg (see our close-up photo for how this works)! You have both a 17 inch and 23 inch tube, that lets you wear at either length or combine them seamlessly into a 40 inch necklace. Pendant is 4 inches of aluminum that is curled and hammered with a large loop to suspend from tube. This is finished with satin silver color.
OC Ocho Earrings in Silver
[ Out of Stock ] 
2-3/4 inches long on earwire, 7/8 inch across. Aluminum is turned and hammered into the figure-8 "ocho" shape, finished in satin silver color, with an extralarge white pearl captured in the top loop. Lightweight and mathematically elegant!
OC Love Knot Earrings in Copper
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About 2 inches long on french earwire, 1 inch across. Wire that is beaded with closely stacked 3/16 inch wide "cups" of aluminum that are finished in darkened copper color, curves into an endless love knot that will spin a bit when worn. You can tweak the shape a bit if you want them "fatter" or "longer" as the shape is flexible.
OC Monda Earrings in Copper
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The earrings are rather like an atomic flower, 2mm lightweight aluminum is twisted into endless shape and finished with darkened copper color. At their center is an extralarge white pearl. 2-5/8 inches long on earwire, they will spin a bit to show either the 1-7/8 inch width or 1 inch depth!
OC Jackie Earrings in Copper
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2mm lightweight aluminum rod is curled one direction and then the other for an elegantly simple design, then finished with darkened copper color. 2-7/8 inches long on earwire, 1-3/16 inch across.
OC Santa Cruz Necklace in Copper
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Pendant is approximately 3 inches long, 2 inches across, aluminum has been twisted and hammered into the pretty shape, a large white pearl accents the center. Suspended by a curl of more aluminum from the substantial 5/16 inch thick chain that is flexible, aluminum or steel "cups" are stacked on wire for an organic but lightweight look. 17 inches long. Extralarge lobster clasp in back. You could remove the pendant to wear separately. This is finished with darkened copper color.
OC Kinky II Necklace in Copper
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2 strands of 5/16 inch thick chain are flexible and organic, made from aluminum or steel "cups" stacked closely. They join together in the front by seven "figure 8" smaller cupped chains, these will move freely along the front. Large lobster clasp in back, 18-19 inches long. The main chain is colored darkened copper, the front figure 8's are colored copper and pewter.
OC Curly Loop Earrings in Copper
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About 1-1/2 inches long on french earwire, 7/8 inch across. A loop joins at the top, beaded with closely stacked 3/16 inch wide "cups" of aluminum or steel that are colored darkened copper. Lightweight and intriguing.
OC Pearl Swirl Earrings in Copper
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About 2-1/4 inches long on french earwires, 1-1/14 inch across, aluminum has been curved and hammered into shape, a large white pearl adorning the center. Lightweight for their bold size, finished in darkened copper color.
OC Lasso Bracelet in Copper
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Lightweight aluminum in a substantial round width, has been bent and wound on the top to form an intriguing bangle bracelet. As shown, the top knot is about 1-1/2 to 2 inch across, the 5 rings around the wrist extend about 1 inch across. The inner diameter is 2-3/8 inches for small/small-medium wrist. Metal is finished in darkened copper color.
The loops around the wrist have an unsecured end that circle back into the top, so it would be possible with patience to wrap this a little tighter or looser.

Reviews for OC Jewelry Reviews for OC Jewelry

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More OC Jewelry . . . 1-Pewter/AntiqueBronze   2-Copper/Silver
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