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Many of the jewelry designers carried in our La Jolla gallery include necklace pendants and slides in their collections. These may be shown suspended on chains and ready to wear, or loose for you to put on your own..

We have selections from a few of our artists shown below. To see more work by any artist represented, you may click on the Item Title, then click where indicated to get the full artist page!
More Pendants and Slides . . . Designer Sampler   Outlet
See more items on the following pages:  
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Reviews for Sandy Forrest-Hartman SANDY FORREST-HARTMAN

Jewelry pendants made with gaming pieces like dominos, stamped and embellished

Reviews for Kenneth Chen KENNETH CHEN
Jewelry porcelain pendants in striking handpainted motifs (outlet)

Reviews for Jenny & Jimbob JENNY & JIMBOB

Jewelry cast pewter charms on silver chains, presented in match boxes with humorous sayings


Jewelry glass and handpainted enamel fused into pendants

Reviews for Diane Eldreth Chute DIANE ELDRETH CHUTE

Jewelry handpainted ceramic tiles set in metal pendants, some reversible

Zealandia Two Turtles Pendant
Zealandia Two Turtles Pendant
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1-1/8 x 1-5/8 inch pendant, there is a bail ring hidden in back of the top. Shiny sterling silver with cut-out patterns has golden finish on scrolls at top. The two turtles are carved from prehistoric walrus tusk. Stone accents are peridot, blue topaz and amber.
Zealandia Fossil Ivory/Amethyst Pendant
Zealandia Fossil Ivory/Amethyst Pendant
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Sterling silver pendant setting is 7/16 inch across, 1-5/8 inches long including the fancy bail. At the bottom is a swirl of prehistoric fossilized ivory, a faceted AMETHYST stone at the center, and a relief of flowers/leaves highlighted by a touch of golden wash.
Yoolies Blue Haze Necklace
Yoolie's Blue Haze Necklace
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Pendant is suspended freely from chain, it is made in lasercut stainless steel, with patterns under domes of clear acrylic. Accented by crystals in pacific opal and champagne colors.
Colors featured include aqua, vanilla.
Length on stainless chain adjusts 12-16"
Center front drop: 1-5/8"

VStyle Glass Pendant, Teal/Rootbeer Sealife
VStyle Glass Pendant, Teal/Rootbeer Sealife
Comes on your choice of black necklace

1 inch across, 1-1/4 inch long including teal glass bail loop. Sealife motif looks like delicate sea anemones and plants, aqua teal and celery green colors, all captured in half-globe shape of clear glass with rootbeer background.
Alice Seely Deco Pool Necklace
Alice Seely Deco Pool Necklace
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2-1/8 x 1-1/2 inch lead-free pewter pendant has a nice weight to it with thick attached bail. The design has brushed shiny top surface, recessed areas blackened for contrast. The design is wavy bands around center rings, like waves cascading from a drop in the water. Comes on fancy 17 inch 3.5mm silvertone chain with shepherds hook clasp.
Sylvie Lansdowne Glass Mermaid
Sylvie Lansdowne Glass Mermaid
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Sylvie Lansdowne of Georgia is reknowned for her lampworked glass sculpture and intricate beadwork. This extraordinary collectibel piece features a glass mermaid suspended on sterling wire, smaller glass beads dangling below. 6 inches long overall with ring at the top, it could be a pendant, lamp-pull, or just a most beautiful object to enjoy. Mermaid has tailfin that is 1-1/2 inch across, glass colors in the entire piece include cobalt and turquoise blue, green, body pink, lavender.
Susanne Lorraine Blue/Brown Pendant

Pendant with Swarovski crystals suspended on sterling wire with bail loop is 1-3/8 inches long. Bicone crystal colors are sapphire blue, aqua, brown, topaz and clear. Squared rhinestone spacers between central elements. Pendant sold without chain, optional chain addition.
Susanne Lorraine Extended Ladder Necklace
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Pendant is stunning in asymmetrical design of sterling chain and bars, some with spiral ends, holding Swarovski crystals in cubes and bicone shapes, some dangling freely, in clusters, or in line. The pendant is 2-7/8 inches long with simple bail loop at top, 1 inch across, and comes on 18 inch lavender rubber cord with tension slide clasp. The crystal colors include jet black, tanzanite purple, olive and light greens, peach and yellow.
Spirit Lala Moon Reversible Rectangular Necklace
Spirit Lala Moon Reversible Rectangular Necklace
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7/8 x 3/8 inch rectangular pendant has stainless silver frame holding artwork on one side and black-and-white drawing on the other! Artwork is encased by clear resin. One side depicts yellow crescent moon in starry blue oval with multicolor frame. The black-and-white drawing side depicts words Shoot for the Moon. Even if you miss you will land among the stars. Comes on 18 inch stainless steel cable chain with lobster clasp.
Skeleton Leaf Pendant, Blue/Yellow/Purple on Black
Skeleton Leaf Pendant, Blue/Yellow/Purple on Black
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Bits and pieces of real leaves, the cellulose skeleton that remains after dissolving the leaf skin, are tinted in non-fading color, encased in jeweler's resin, and set in nickel-free silvertone metal frame. A black background lets the colors glow. The pendant measures 7/16 x 2 inch, plus attached bail. The tinted leaf colors are turquoise blue, yellow and purple.
Chain not included, but would be nice for guys on black leather, ladies on silver chain!

Searcey Designs Birthstone Barô January
Searcey Designs Birthstone Barô January
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Sterling silver bar is 1-3/16 inches long, suspended from ring and 16 inch chain. Each pendant has words on 4 sides, and logo tag on the back with lobster clasp.
January is GARNET

Sarah Cavender Copper/Raspberry Lotus Petal Necklace
Sarah Cavender Copper/Raspberry Lotus Petal Necklace
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1-5/8 inch long pendant is shaped like petal of a tulip, made with fine metal mesh and colored in dark copper, teal green, raspberry pink toward the tip. Suspended from foxtail woven chain that is dark copper color, 18 inches long plus 2 inch extender links, shepherd hook clasp.
Studio Picea Liz Sierra Necklace
Studio Picea Liz Sierra Necklace
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Color emphasis: red-orange, mustard, aqua, caramel, offwhite. Rhodium plated pewter sheet in back with satin texture holds the glossy finished polymer clay art piece accented with pen & ink. There are rivets and elegant goldfill wire to secure components together. Tiny white pearls dangle off the center. Pendant is 2-3/8 inches long, 3/4 inch wide, suspended from 18 inch silver bar link chain.
OC Flor Convertible Necklace in Silver
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Ultimate contemporary/industrial look that is elegant too, 1/4 inch black rubber tubing is what the dramatic pendant will hang from. A clever peg is inserted into the end of the tube, a split in the rubber cannot be seen where you slip it open and shut over the peg (see our close-up photo for how this works)! You have both a 17 inch and 23 inch tube, that lets you wear at either length or combine them seamlessly into a 40 inch necklace. Pendant is 4 inches of aluminum that is curled and hammered with a large loop to suspend from tube. This is finished with satin silver color.
Norwegian Moonstone Pendant
Norwegian Moonstone Pendant
Smooth and polished pieces of NORWEGIAN MOONSTONE, found exclusively in Norway and also known as Larvikitt or Blue Pearl of Norway, is a felspar stone. It has rich layers of gray and silver that glimmer relentlessly in its depths. Piece #A is 35mm tall, #B is 25mm tall, #C is 30mm tall, and #D is 30mm tall. All have small silver ring bails attached.
· Norwegian Moonstone Pendant #C
$20.00 IAdd To Cart   
· Norwegian Moonstone Pendant #D
$20.00 IAdd To Cart   
Kathy Lo Large Silhouette Vermeil Pendant
Kathy Lo Large Silhouette Vermeil Pendant
$115.00 $92.00 On Sale!
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Heavier barrel-shaped pendant has gold vermeil frame. Inside is a cut-out silhouette of a plant in brushed steel color, covered front and back with clear acrylic. Measures 7/8 inch across, 1-1/2 inches long including bail, comes on 16 inch golden chain.
Kim Kole Purple-Blue Pendant
Kim Kole Purple-Blue Pendant
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A pair of 1/2 inch and smaller fused dichroic glass squares are dangled with final silver foil bead to make a pendant 2-1/4 inches long including bail. The rich colors are sapphire blue, plum and violet purples, teal blue. Comes on slender 16 inch lavender rubber cord with sliding clasp.
Jenny & Jimbob Love Sucks
Jenny & Jimbob Love Sucks
$37.50 $22.00 On Sale!
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2 x 1-3/8 x 1/2 inch paper matchbox with sliding drawer, printed paper inside, picture and phrase on the top. Pewter charm comes on 17 inch sterling chain. Love Sucks phrase presents a 3-dimensional charm of upright vaccuum, 1-1/8 inch tall.
Varisite Pendant
Varisite Pendant
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This medium oval of VARISITE is a yummy opaque seafoam green with taupe beige matrix. Set in sterling silver, the pendant is 1-1/8 inch across, 2-1/8 inches long including large bail.
Rainbow Calcilica Pendant
Rainbow Calcilica Pendant
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1-1/2 inch long pendant is a 1-piece sterling silver setting that includes the bail tube topped with oval LAPIS cabochon. The large round cabochon is RAINBOW CALCILICA, an interesting striped stone created most likely by water leaving various mineral deposits. The colors are rich earthy terracotta with sky blues and grass green.
Tiffany Stone Rose Quartz Pendant
Tiffany Stone Rose Quartz Pendant
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Lovely ivory and smoky purple with hints of pink in this TIFFANY STONE JASPER, set in sterling at the top of the pendant. At center below scrolls is ROSE QUARTZ, and a final AMETHYST trillion at the bottom. 2-1/2 inches long with attached large bail.
Gray Striped Agate Pendant
Gray Striped Agate Pendant
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Soothing cool gray bands of AGATE are interesting in the offset angle of this cabochon, set in sterling silver for 1-1/8 x 2-1/8 inch pendant overall, including bail.
Heliotrope Pendant
Heliotrope Pendant
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This stone may be heliotrope, or another dendritc agate formation, it is 1-3/8 inch round with milky translucent background and clouds of gray/green inclusions, brick red sections almost look like they are painted (but they are natural of course). Sterling silver setting with large bail.
Brown Mookite Quartz Pendant
Brown Mookite Quartz Pendant
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Very interesting large stone, we are told it is BROWN MOOKITE. Translucent veins with beige opaque pieces, like a mosaic, polished shiny. Set in sterling silver, open in the back, there is a BIWA PEARL at center and SMOKY QUARTZ with lots of faceting on top. Pendant is 1-5/8 inches wide, 3-1/8 inches tall including large bail.
Indigo Flameworks Medium Pendants
Indigo Flameworks Medium Pendants

A medium-sized pendant.   For comparison, #B has a wonderful pastel pallette with peach, aqua, pink and gold.   3/4 wide x 1-1/4 including bail.
Mark and Kelly Payne, designing jewelry under the name Indigo Flameworks, have a true artistic partnership. Kelly cuts dichroic and colored glass, fusing them, painting with enamels (which are glass ground into fine sand), fusing and layering into a final stone. Mark cuts and polishes these with lapidary tools, and creates the sterling body to finish the piece of jewelry. The depth and color variety of these pieces is more than can be seen in web images!
Available as listed.

See more items on the following pages:  
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More Pendants and Slides . . . Designer Sampler   Outlet
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