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Petrified Forest Stoneware
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Reviews for Petrified Forest
this page updated 3/24/13
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Designer Reviews
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Stephen Day starts with a quiet walk in his Pennsylvania woods to gather leaves. In the Petrified Forest studio, he rolls out thick slabs of stoneware clay. The clay has a wonderful tactile quality like stone, the background areas are most often left unglazed. Color glazes are applied and the leaves are pressed into the clay for pattern. The piece is fired at over 2000 degrees to become strong, beautiful and useful. While the original leaf is gone, its impression may last forever! Safe for food, dishwasher safe.
Each piece is ordered EXACTLY as shown!
Reviews for Petrified Forest Reviews for Petrified Forest

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Petrified Forest Wall Panel or Tray
Petrified Forest Wall Panel or Tray
[ SOLD ] 
15 x 5-1/2 inches, the piece is striking in its simple shape and lovely leaf motif. A rectangular wood frame in the back raises the thick stoneware clay off the surface. You can hang it on the wall horizontally or vertically! You can use it on the table as a tray for your hottest pot, cheese and crackers, or candle display. Beautiful versatility.
Petrified Forest Bowl
Petrified Forest Bowl
IAdd To Cart 
Bowl measures 7 inches across, 1 inch deep. Eat or serve from it, the rough stoneware texture and real leaf impression highlighted by colored glaze, make it a unique experience. Dishwasher safe.
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