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Updated 12/31/21
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We offer full web pages in our website store for most our Talented Designers, and they are listed below. The pages most recently created, or significantly updated with new work, are listed first. The list continues to the earliest artist page still available for viewing.   Taking a tour through all the designer pages is a great way to view the variety of media and styles offered. What is not listed through this Tour are Outlet Store, or designers whose items are scattered among several thematic pages (see all the purple links on left).
made in usa Are you interested in things made in the USA? We offer beautiful products made by designers from around the world, but certainly appreciate what is made here. Our criteria is based on information provided by the artist, and while small components/raw materials may come from elsewhere, the product does not take shape until it is here in the USA. For instance, if a handbag is manufactured outside the US, but embellished with artwork here, then it is NOT listed below with the made in usa logo. If the bag hinges and materials are found outside, but not assembled into unique form until reaching the USA studio, then it IS listed with the made in usa logo. If we are unsure, then we just do not put the logo tag (but let us know a designer should be tagged for sure)!
Enjoy your Tour!
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More ways to navigate all our designer offerings with lists and groupings:
BY DESIGNER...alphabetical
THEME & OCCASION...for ideas
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See our slide show! Or watch samples of artist work flash on your screen with the Slide on a slide to see more by that artist!

And finally, use SEARCH, for items in our on-line product database.


Every product may be reviewed by you or others, by clicking on the Product Name or Image. But as most of our products are limited production, it is more helpful to offer REVIEWS BY DESIGNER. Look for the Review Box on any designer page. You can also see All Designer Reviews at a glance.
This is a NEW FEATURE (as of May 2012), and we hope you will help it grow with your feedback!


If you are seeing The Artful Soul collection for the first time, we recommend you start the tour at the BEGINNING, and continue the Tour by clicking on the Next Artist button.

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If you have toured before, we recommend you start at the NEWEST PAGE, and continue the Tour by clicking on the Previous Artist button.   See pages that are new since your last visit, and stop when you like.

Finally, you can start in the middle, and go forward or backward. You can come back to this page at any time, by clicking the Artist Tour button. It is up to you!
Newest Page...
Ayala Bar
Ayala Bar  
Doezignz made in usa
Christophe Poly
Tracy Puckett made in usa
Marcea made in usa
Doezignz   Christophe Poly   Chanour   Tracy Puckett glass   Marcea ceramics  
Featherwood made in usa
Silver Forest made in usa
ILI New York
DC Designs made in usa
DeVeer Designs made in usa
Featherwood   Silver Forest   ILI Leather   DC Designs   DeVeer Designs  
Gerhard Herbst made in usa
MAM' Designs made in usa
Shari Dixon made in usa
Qudo Collection
Leaders in Leather
Gerhard Herbst   MAM Earrings   Shari Dixon   Qudo Collection   Leaders in Leather  
Green Tree Jewelry made in usa
Adajio made in usa
Lisa August made in usa
Pazit Keidar
Firefly Jewelry
Green Tree Jewelry   Adajio   Lisa August   Pazit Keidar Designs   Firefly Jewelry  
D'ears made in usa
Mary Frances
Steven McGovney made in usa
Maruca made in usa
D-ears   Mary Frances   Steven McGovney   Maruca   Anuschka Leather  
Christopher Royal made in usa
Liz Soto
Alina's Exclusives
Caribe by 925NY
Christopher Royal   Liz Soto   Alinas Exclusives   Caribe by 925NY  
Veneto Leather
Dunitz & Company
Jo·La·Collage made in usa
Sarah Cavender made in usa
Dori Csengeri
Veneto Leather   Dunitz and Company   Jo La Collage   Sarah Cavender   Dori Csengeri  
Hoop Earring Charms
Enchanting Beads
Blue Hill By Hand made in usa
Kapfer Glass Studio made in usa
Donna Chambers made in usa
Hoop Earring Charms   Enchanting Beads Jewelry   Blue Hill By Hand   Annette Kapfer Glass   Donna Chambers  
Susanne Lorraine made in usa
Joan Edelstein made in usa
Spirit Lala made in usa
Kim Kole made in usa
Susanne Lorraine   Joan Edelstein   Spirit Lala   Kim Kole   Michou  
Virginia Miska made in usa
Blue Bus Studio made in usa
Nakamol   Jazzd   Virginia Miska   Blue Bus Studio   Mariana  
Alice Seely made in usa
OC Jewelry made in usa
Sun Designs made in usa
Steampunk Jewelry made in usa
Zealandia   Alice Seely Urban Fetishes   OC Jewelry by Ofelia Cisneros   Sun Designs   Steampunk  
La Vie Parisienne
Robin Goodfellow made in usa
Pilgrim Ornaments
Yoolie's made in usa
Angie Olami
La Vie Parisienne   Robin Goodfellow   Pilgrim Imports   Yoolie Perry-Peleg   Angie Olami  
Studio 604 made in usa
Bezak Glass made in usa
Origin Jewelry
Kashmir Bangles
W/A Studios made in usa
Studio 604   Bezak Glass   Origin Jewelry   Kashmir Bangles   WA Studios  
Singerman & Post made in usa
Turkish CitiJewels
Cheryl & Roger Dandridge made in usa
Charles Albert
Studio Picea made in usa
Singerman and Post   Turkish Jewels   Cheryl & Roger Dandridge   Charles Albert   Studio Picea  
Joseph Brinton made in usa
Q. Miller made in usa
Lost River Scarves
Andrew Hamilton Crawford
Tessoro made in usa
Joseph Brinton   Q Miller   Lost River   Andrew Hamilton Crawford   Tessoro  
Simon Sebbag
Diane Eldreth Chute made in usa
Skeleton Leaf Jewelry made in usa
Red Roses Jewelry
Gina Rosencrantz made in usa
Simon Sebbag Designs   Diane Eldreth Chute   Skeleton Leaf Jewelry   Real Roses Jewelry   Gina Rosencrantz  
By Boe made in usa
Sean Brown made in usa
Sweet Romance made in usa
By Boe Jewelry   Sean Brown   AhDorned   Sweet Romance Ollipop  
Finders Key Clips
Beaded Pins
Stefans Jewelry
Sue Cox
Petrified Forest made in usa
Finders Key Purse Clips   Beaded Pins   Stefans Jewelry   Sue Cox   Petrified Forest  
Martin Henry made in usa
Tweak Jewelry
Crystal Nail Files made in usa
Honey Have You Seen My Tie? made in usa
Whimsical Originals made in usa
Martin Henry   Tweak Jewelry   Crystal Nail Files   Honey Have You Seen My Tie   Whimsical Originals  
Luvali Convertibles
Audrey Accessories
Femmes Fragiles
Ornaments from Kashmir
Shirley Price made in usa
Luvali   Accessories by Audrey   Femmes Fragiles   Ornaments from Kashmir   Shirley Price  
Mar made in usa
VStyle Glass made in usa
Lavish Jewelry
Lalo Accessories
Mar   VStyle Glass   Lavish   Nagomi   Orna Lalo  
Silk Bijoux made in usa
Maggie Bags
Tutu Jewelry made in usa
Orchids Jewelry
Ultrasuede Bags
Silk Bijoux   Maggie Bags   Tutu Jewelry   Orchids Jewelry   Ultrasuede from Vietnam  
Bottom's Up Wine Glasses
Fired Up Tiles made in usa
Zenobia made in usa
Beth Kaminski made in usa
Judy Dunn made in usa
Wine Glasses   Fired Up Tiles   Zenobia   Beth Kaminski photo frames   Judy Dunn  
Jewelry 10 made in usa
Nancy Lucia made in usa
Stella Page
Jenny & Jimbob made in usa
Nicole Engblom made in usa
Jewelry 10   Nancy Lucia   Stella Page   Jenny and Jimbob   Nicole Engblom Artzfolk  
Starrylights made in usa
F A I by Patty Nulph made in usa
Erda made in usa
Glass Apples
Amaro   Starrylights   FAI   Erda   glass apples from Russia  
Laga Handbags
JP Ourse/John Cole
Zoe B made in usa
Toby Weston made in usa
Debora Art Bags
Laga Handbags   J P Ourse and John Cole   Zoe B   Toby Weston   Art Bags by Debora Crichton  
Kathy Lo Rocks made in usa
Mylinka made in usa
Created by Brynn made in usa
Searcey Designs made in usa
Kathy Lo Rocks   Mylinka   Zulugrass   Created by Brynn   Searcey Designs  
Sybil Shane made in usa
Sandy Forrest-Hartman made in usa
Classic Hardware
Jenny Christiansen made in usa
JP Garner Steel made in usa
Sybil Shane   Dominos by Sandy Forest-Hartman   Classic Hardware   Jenny Christiansen   JP Garner Steel Sculpture  
Anatoly Turov
Leslie Mackenzie
The Touch, 14k gold made in usa
Mehr Pottery made in usa
Anatoly Turov   Leslie Mackenzie   The Touch   Mehr Pottery  
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