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Wish List Help
This page updated 8/16/13
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A Wish List lets you create a customized list of products, you can look it up
later and review the products you like, order from it, send the list to friends
to buy you a gift!
Please note...putting products in your Wish List does not hold them for you,
they are not set aside, and could be sold out without notice. A Wish List is not
the same as the Shopping Cart, which is where you start your Order.

Here we have more details and instructions about:
Add to your Wish List
Go Back to Shopping
Return to Wish List
Ordering Products on a Wish List
Items SOLD or Out of Stock
Tab - List Management
Tab - Contact Info
Tab - Configuration
Tab - Email List
Tab - Search WishLists
Items dropped from Wish List
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Wish List Registration
In order to create your own Wish List, you will need to register an account. This does not obligate you to buy, it does not put you our email list. This is not the same as being a Registered Customer.
Create Your Account: You will make up a UserName and can change your password later if you wish. The name and address fields are used by your friends to search for your Wish List. You will have the option to change these settings whenever you want.
Click Register when you have finished the first screen. If you want to create another account, you can always do that too!
Sign In: After initially registering, you will be asked to Sign In, then proceed to Manage Your Own Wishlist.
Public or Private: If you want to make your Wish List Private (for your use only, it would not appear on search results), then click on the Public/Private pull-down menu found on the List Management Home/Contact Info/Configuration screens, select Private and Save. Changing it on one screen will change it on all screens.
List Management
Make a name for your WishList, it will default to your User Name. But you can change it, you will have only one list for each Username registered
Private for your use only, Public to share with your friends.
You can sort the list by clicking on any of the Sort items by headings. Each time you click on the heading to sort, it will switch from ascending to descending order.
For each item in your list, you can set a Priority, how many are Wanted and optionally include a Comment about the item.
A note about Comments...this is for your own use, and will appear for your Friends too when they view your List! Since we (The Artful Soul) are not viewing Wish Lists, if you are asking a question, or seeking a response, then Contact Us.
Click Save Changes when you are done!
Use the Mark As Purchased if you buy the item, or someone says they bought it for you. If an item is purchased, and your User Name was referenced in the appropriate box of the Shopping Cart, then it will be noted on your Wish List automatically.
Delete an item you want removed from your Wish List.
Add This To Cart when you are ready to buy for yourself!
Contact Info
Set User Status: set to Enabled
Login: You already established a Username. You can reset the password here.
Contact: Set up your details.
A note about required fields: Entering a First Name, Last Name, City and Email address are required. These fields are used for friends to search for your Wish List. If you set your account to Private, no one will find your Wish List. You can use a false email, but if you forget your password, we will have no way to send it to you!
Click Save when you are done!
List Name: enter whatever you wish, it can be your User Name or not
Description: optional to enter
Access: Private means it cannot be searched by others, only you will use it. Public will allow others to find your list, perhaps friends who are looking for your Wish List.
Display: select All Items, or only the ones that have not been purchased
Default Email Subject: When you send an email of your list to friends, this will be in the subject line (you can change it later in the Email List set-up).
Default Email From: Enter your email address, the one that will appear on out-going emails to friends, and one they would reply to after they get your list
Click Save Changes when you are done!
Email List
The From and Reply-To email addresses for your email is established in Configuration step above.
Subject: If you entered it in Configuration above it will be filled in. You can enter manually, this will appear in subject-line of email to your friends
Comment: This will be included in your email text to friends as the opening paragraph. The second paragraph (you cannot change this) will say If you purchase any of these items, please be sure to let me know by entering the wishlist username "Your-User-Name-Will-Go-Here" during the checkout. Thanks!. The email then lists your product wishes with links to purchase going to our Shopping Cart. In the Shopping Cart, your friend would be able to click on the product name to view the product, there is no obligation to complete the purchase
Recipients: List the email addresses of friends to get this email.
Click Send Wishlist to send your current WishList contents to friends!
Search WishLists
This is for you to find the Wish Lists of your friends! Enter one or more pieces of information you may have:
Click Search to get a list of results! Click on the Wishlist name for the person you are looking for, this will pull up their list. You can sort the list according to the column headings, you can change the order of the sort by clicking on the heading again. You can view the item by clicking on the product name. You can also Purchase the product of course!
A Wish List MUST have Public access (see configuration above) in order to be found by others using Search. If you want it to remain Private and yet have friends and family see it, you will need to email the list to them.
Add to your Wish List
Products may be added to your Wish List simply by clicking on the link found with the product. If you are not yet signed-in for the session, or not yet registered, you will need to do that. Then the item will ultimately appear on your List Management screen.
Go Back to Shopping!
To get back to the last page you visited on our website, before entering the Wish List area, you may use the Back button repeatedly on your browser, or use the handy navigation choices at the bottom of our Wish List screens. One other way, is to click on a product name in your Wish List, which takes you to the product details, then click on the link to the full page where you found the product.
Return to Wish List
To see your own Wish List again, or to search for a friend's Wish List, simply click on the link found in the upper left section of most main web pages (under the View Shopping Cart link). This will take you initially to the Search screen, then you can click on Manage Your Own Wishlist.
Ordering Products from a Wish List
Items will remain on a Wish List indefinitely...but they are not being held aside for you!
Purchasing from your own Wish List: If you decide to purchase a product, click on the Add This To Cart to place it in the Shopping Cart. If the product is still available, you can proceed as usual. But if the product is no longer available, an error screen may appear, or the product might not be found.
Purchasing from someone else's Wish List: After finding an item on a friend's Wish List (see Search above), you may click on the Purchase button to enter it in the Shopping Cart. However, if the product is no longer available, an error screen may appear, or the product might not be found. So try another item on the list of course!
Wish List is not the same as the Shopping Cart! An item must be "ordered" to put it in your Shopping Cart.
Items SOLD or Out of Stock
You can add an item to your Wish List, even if it is marked [SOLD] or [Out of Stock]. But we do not have access to Private Wish Lists, or order items found on customer Wish Lists. Please see our Pre-Order process about getting one of these items!
Items Dropped from Wish List
You may have put items in your Wish List that disappear or are dropped. The reason for this could be, a) item is Sold and taken off our database, b) item SKU was changed which sometimes happens when our designer presentation changes for a new collection or sale, c) you accidentally hit the delete button for the item, d) you purchased the item, or e) computer error. If you remember the item #, you can always Contact Us and inquire.
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