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The Artful Soul features beautifully crafted jewelry, accessories and gifts aimed to be your online go-to source. We boast a wide array of professional designers, some of whom you already know...and others not yet!

The original La Jolla, California boutique was opened in 1993 by owner Marcea Reid, offering one of the broadest range of designer art-to-wear and gifts around town. In 1999 the website was established to deliver thousands of unique pieces of jewelry and accessories from one central resource. After celebrating 20 years of storefront operations in California, we moved to Nevada in 2013 and began the next 20 years online!

With our catalog of over 150 designers, you’ll be sure to find a beautifully designed accessory to set you apart from your friends and inspire conversation. All of the products on our site are distinctively designed and generally handmade from smaller production designer workshops, ensuring you receive only the most unique pieces.

It is our mission is to keep you excited about the latest artistic looks from these designers, and to match you up with a unique accessory you will cherish for a lifetime.
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Some items have "SOLD" beside them because they’re one-of-a-kind or limited production pieces. If an item is available it will have an "ORDER" button. You can purchase for immediate shipment.

Place your order online anytime! Call or email for help when you need it. At The Artful Soul we believe that
creativity NEVER goes out of style!
artistically inspired
designer jewelry

Handcrafted jewelry from 100 designers

unique designs
stunning handbags
in artful style

Artistic handbags and jewelry from over 150 artisans

accessories that
are both useful
and interesting

Artisan jewelry, bags and gifts

inspired gifts
by skilled artisans
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Ayala Bar Spring/Summer collections...Christophe Poly 2-tone jewelry restocked...1/27/18

How to navigate our website
Every page on our website has the following buttons or links to help you find your way:
Home Page
You are on our Home Page right now...good place to "start over" if you get lost!
Outlet Store
When we really need to move products out to make room for new, we will mark them 25-75% OFF!
You can search our shopping database by word or phrase, and you will get links to products and pages, good way to target specific pin shapes, stones, or colors, for example.
News & Sales
Announcements about new artists, or new work from existing artists.   Links to sale pages, other news to get you caught up since your last visit!
Artist Tour
The best way to see ALL the artist pages we have on our website.   You can click from one artist page to the next and not miss any, goes through all jewelry, handbags and gift artist pages.
List with snapshot image and link to work by artists and designers, in all categories of jewelry, accessories, handbags and home decor
Color & Stones
Jewelry by various artists can be found on individual artist pages, but we have put together some examples sorted by particular gemstones and colors
Theme & Occasion
Here we list a variety of occasions that bring you to shopping here, as well as thematic pages according to hobbies, special interests, etc.
Style & Function
Lots of groupings for designer pages to find jewelry or handbags by style, everything according to the function it serves.
Gift Certificates
We offer gift certificates, for both in-store and on-line ordering.   How to buy a certificate and how to spend it!
Policies & Service
Customer Service information. About our policies on returning items, shipping, and your privacy.   How we handle your on-line orders, warranty and repairs.
Site Map
This link is found at the bottom of every page.   A handy outline of all pages on our website, really the easiest way to find a particular page if you are already familiar with our site.
Help Center
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's), another way to find answers to your questions about website navigation, how to place orders, and more.
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Our street, telephone, and email addresses.

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